Mondays are the New Sundays

We really don’t want to complain about Sunday Brunch, but there definitely is one downside: the Monday hangover that follows bottomless.

We peel ourselves out of bed and begin our week with a nice mimosa headache, wishing we would’ve actually known our limits, but honestly, a Babe can’t be expected to count how many mimosas is too many mimosas when they’re flowing so freely.  While petitioning to make every weekend a three-day weekend could solve this problem, it might take a while.

But, while we wait, we’re lucky to live in a city that’s equally as hungover as we are, and shares some Monday love to help a Babe recover.  Denver, Colorado, we thank you for all the good you do on Mondays: $20 bruschetta and wine, buy-one-get-one pizza, and, oh so much more.

And so, here are some top spots for once the weekend finally catches up with you (and your wallet).



Another unfortunate truth of Monday, checking your bank statement.  Because during the week $2 for coffee is considered a splurge, but when you’re drunk it was a totally awesome idea to treat all of your friends to matching socks.  So now you’re stuck looking for a good deal, on good food, and obviously, wine, because who are we kidding, we always need wine.

Enter Postino.  Here to literally save your day.  For just $20 you can nurse that hangover with a bottle of wine and bruschetta board.  And, this isn’t one of those places that advertises a happy hour bruschetta and then brings you a microscopic piece of toast with a couple diced tomatoes and calls it bruschetta. No. They bring you an entire board with four full pieces, and best part, you can mix and match.

Blue Pan Pizza
West Highlands

We honestly didn’t even know that Detroit had a style of pizza, but yes, they do, and it’s amazing.  And, you can get two for one on Monday’s.  So, after all that energy you exert laying on your best friend’s floor, looking through text messages, wondering who “Floyd from Saturday” is and why he texted you his address at 3 am, you can revive yourself with pizza.  And pizza fixes everything, that’s just science.

Jax Fish House

It’s happy hour all night on Mondays!  So, not only can you eat an offensive amount of seafood at an incredible price, but you can also treat yourself to a cocktail, sangria, and if you’re adventurous, an oyster shooter.  Because what’s better than a Monday detox?  Monday retox.


Capitol Hill

We literally love this place so much we’re all naming our first borns Angelo.  It’s a true Babe’s fav.  They have late night happy hour, every single night.  They have oysters, pizza, ravioli, rosé, and on Mondays, they have Mollusk Mondays, meaning you can get a bowl of mussels for $5, all day long.  Yeah, life changing.

So, if you’re in Denver and dying on a Monday, then these places are basically a necessity.  The only problem: all the deals are dine-in only, so you can’t eat it while binge watching trash television.  But, we’re willing to look past that.

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