Galentine’s Day

Sometimes the stars align and everything is right in the world. This has only happened a few times throughout history. The day pizza was created, the first time someone smoked weed, all of The Babes’ births and now February 13th, 2017. Galentine’s day, Valentines Day for your bitches is on Monday this year. What else is on Monday you ask? The Bachelor. There’s no need to go out on Galentine’s Day. All you need is your preferred food delivery app, your best friends, and as much wine as possible.

best cheese plate the bachelor valentines day galentines love babes love brunch

Wine & Cheese
This is not a meal. Let me repeat that, wine and cheese are not a meal. This is simply a warm up. You nibble on cheese until everyone arrives, and shortly into the first rose ceremony. At this point, the cheese and most of the wine should be gone. If someone is crying about Nick and there is still cheese in your house something is very wrong.


If you plan this right it can be a light meal. We, of course, have never done that, but I’m sure somewhere in Beverly Hills there has been a girls night where no one ate too much. When it comes to takeout sushi you have to ask yourself, quality or quantity? Quantity obviously. Sushi Deli is a Babe fave for takeout because the prices are super low and you avoid the hellish line they have every night. Whatever you do don’t get miso to go, it’s just not the same.


Most likely to give you the biggest bang for your buck, but one of your newly gluten free friends might not be on board. Pizza will be most suitable for the bitter single girl. Not to be confused with the regular single girl. The bitter single girl hates men, hates couples and probably hates you. She came over to complain about the “Hallmark Holiday” and check how many likes she’s getting on Instagram. Bitterness is easily subdued with cheese – it’s an alternative fact – so slide the box over to this Babe before someone gets hurt.


You are really drunk. That is the only excuse for Mexican takeout before 2 am, in which case you are really drunk. If you’re gonna do it you better do it big so we suggest chile rellenos with traditional rice and beans. If that isn’t enough get some rolled tacos and a quesadilla to sober your ass up.

Don’t forget to set your alarm for work before the wine intake begins. Happy Galentine’s Day Babes!

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