On This Episode of Laguna Beach 

One of our favorite past times is balling on a budget that we don’t necessarily have. Some call this living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. For The Babes it’s more of a stuffed lobster tail lifestyle on a 24 hour taco shop budget. Fake it till you make it, right?

For this episode of ‘You Can’t Afford That’ we hit up the very chic Driftwood Kitchen in none other than Laguna Beach. Cue the Laguna Beach intro as LC and Steven look at each other passive aggressively. All jokes aside, Driftwood Kitchen is actually a steal for what you get. We’re talking oceanfront views, top notch staff, and Babe-worthy bites. We were seated outside overlooking the picturesque beach, and a group of OC housewives practicing their newest relaxation method – a laughing class. Only in Orange County…

We started the meal off with a few drinks, oysters, and a cheese board. Every historic female moment has involved a cheese board. Google it. Our server went into great detail about each of our appetizers, but after waiting until 11am for brunch all our brains could process was “CHEESE, FOOD, EAT.” And eat we did. My only complaint would be sharing the oysters with three other bitches. Um, get your own.

Since we were treating ourselves, we ordered another round and some entrees. For the main feast we had the Laguna Beach Omelette, Scottish Smoked Salmon Bagel and Grilled Swordfish Sandwich. We cannot rave enough about all of our choices. The Omelette was stuffed with dungeness crab and purple haze goat cheese. No that’s not weed, but I’m pretty sure it had the same affect.

The smoked salmon bagel was piled with so much lox that it looked like it could hop up and swim back into the ocean. Thankfully it just swam into our stomachs. The grilled swordfish isn’t your typical brunch dish, but it’s a must regardless. Everything we ate was better than the last, making Driftwood Kitchen our Best Brunch of January.

As we briefly mentioned before, the staff is amazing! Our server is even naming her firstborn child after us. (We love you Sara!) We had to celebrate the naming of Sara’s child and the creation of our own food babies, so we had dessert. The Hazelnut Chocolate Mille-Feuille and Sticky Toffee Cake to be exact. Maybe a little aggressive for breakfast, but we never turn down a challenge.

We cannot rave about Driftwood Kitchen enough. If we’re ever in the area with some money to blow, or just need somewhere to valet our Bugatti, you know where we’ll be. Until next time Orange County!

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