Make 2017 Your Bitch

It’s 2017 and if you don’t come in brunching, then really, what’s the point? In order to start the year off right, we made a reservation for 30 at Zengo, a Richard Sandoval restaurant.


The Babes set up this brunch reservation in early December and thought what better than a bottomless brunch that not only keeps the drinks flowing but also the food. Zengo offers endless brunch food and drinks for only $39, which made it an obvious choice for New Year’s Day because that means we didn’t have to choose what to order and splitting the check was a non-problem for our weary brains.

fullsizerenderBefore even half of our group had arrived we had already downed an unmentionable amount of passion fruit mimosas as well as ordered (and eaten) two of everything on the menu…bottomless brunch? Challenge accepted.

When choosing a bottomless brunch Zengo has many perks: interchangeable drinks, endless small plates, classy atmosphere, and set pricing. Honestly, though, the thing that exceeded expectations at Zengo was the service.

Not only was our waiter a truly attentive, wonderful, and amazing sweetheart, but we literally had a second server solely for the purpose of bringing out more mimosas.

If there’s anything we love more than a man filling up our flute, it’s two men topping off that bitch.


Here’s a taste of the menu:

PORK BELLY STEAM BUNS/sake aioli & pickled onions


COCONUT WAFFLE/whipped brown butter & mango | EDAMAME/sea salt

Disclaimer: we know edamame doesn’t go with waffles but, fuck it, it’s bottomless so we can do whatever we want – no apologies.

CHICKEN CHILAQUILES/wonton chips & teriyaki (A Babes Favorite)


SHORT RIBS HASH/fingerling potato & fried egg & kimchi sauce (top left)


Happy New Year Babes! We wish you a happy, prosperous year with lots of hot guys/gals, puppies, and dank food.

Now, let’s say it all together: FUCK THIS DIET.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sheri Paul says:

    Looks DELICIOUS!! Seriously – chilaqueles and mimosas – mmmm


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