When Brunch Turns Into Lunch

If you think introducing the new man in your life to your parents is stressful, you’ve never brought him to brunch with eight of your best friends. Cue the last brunch before everyone went their separate ways for Christmas. We had flights to catch, presents to unwrap, but all of that can obviously be put on hold for our favorite past time – drinking mimosas, duh!

The Babes slowly poured in around 10am after waking up from our wild escapades the night before. It’s safe to say that Madison, the cutest brunch spot EVER, was not ready for what was coming. We chugged our first pitcher of Mimosas and sauntered over to our hard earned table.

Finally the woman of the hour arrived with her new boy. He looked excited, and slightly scared. A look we’ve all come accustomed to after the infamous Tinder Brunch. We started out with light chit chat. ‘Who are you? Do you have hot friends? Do they have a boat?’ The usual.

We started the meal with a mid-brunch blunt, california kush with a blueberry glaze. Once the warmup had settled we dove into the tower of leaning churros. A work of art as you can see. We obviously had to get the chillaquiles, a babe fave. We are currently on the hunt for the best ‘quiles in town, let us know if your mom wants to cook us some. Some Babes opted for quinoa breakfast bowls, but after the bowl we had outside I NEEDED a burger. Also not pictures, for your safety.

Four hours later and it was finally time to go. Our friends boyfriend had endured enough for one day, and we had already missed our original flights. Until next time Babes!

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