He’ll Take The Check Please

Occasionally one of The Babes goes on a date. Yes it’s true, we can play nice with others from time to time. How else do you expect us to keep up with the finer foods in life with post-grad incomes? Typically we shell out for ourselves, because we’re obviously worth it, but a restaurant with a $12 bowl of miso is slightly out of reach for a Babe on a budget.

On this particular night my date thought we could just waltz into the hottest new tiki bar in town without a reservation. Wrong. After freezing outside like a D-List celebrity I decided to take matters into my own hands. I start scrolling through my Yelp bookmarks looking for something with at least three dollar signs. Hey, I didn’t dress up for nothing. I come across Sushi Ota, a Babe favorite, and one of the hardest places to get into. It’s 7pm on a Friday night, prime time to be turned down by every hostess in town, but I call anyways.

By some act of God someone decided to cancel last minute. A couple of shots and an Uber later we are reaping the benefits of the idiot who gave up their table.

We’re situated in a cozy corner next to a table of what seem to be Russian models and their thug boyfriends. I like it here already. I start the night off with a lobster miso, and my date begins to sweat. Oh, I’m just getting started.

It’s time to get the drinks flowing. We order a couple sakes, cold of course, and I pretend to listen to him while I snap photos of each dish. ‘Oh your friends are coming to visit next weekend? Cute. Can you move your dish out of the way? I’m trying to run a blog here.’


If you haven’t had Uni, it’s time, and by time I mean it’s BEEN time. For two pieces at $15 this is by no means affordable, but it’s definitely essential. Give Ikura (Salmon Eggs) a shot too if you’re feeling brave.

Well an hour, and who knows how much money later, I survived my first Sushi Ota experience. I’ll definitely be back, but he can grab the check.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Remember that little trip in about 2007 when something like 40 little boots gave those of us in the back all the uni we could eat? Maybe not. You weren’t a connoisseur yet. But I was. Yum!


  2. Auntie Sher says:

    Just reading over the “Best of the Valley” guess what the wonderful sushi bar your Mom treated us to “The Venue” on El Paseo, is rated the very BEST! I have to agree!!


  3. Sheri Paul says:

    Great blog – I want to hear more about how the dating scene intersects with the brunching/dining scene …. LOVE the blogs – keep em coming! Great job ladies ….


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