Four Babes, Six Entrees… But Who’s Counting?

Aw, the Holidays… You’re surrounded by family, friends, and most importantly, FOOD. It’s the only time of the year when you get to shamelessly stuff your face because hey, oversized cozy sweaters are all the rage and no one can see that perpetual food baby anyways.  While Friendsgivings were taking place across America, the Babes decided a new tradition was in order… Introducing the Friendsgiving Food Challenge: TRUST edition.



What does the Friendsgiving Food Challenge entail?  Pick some of your down ass friends (you know, the ones you can fight for the last fry, should it come down to that), pick a restaurant none of you have been to before, and, here’s the fun part, pick 10 different things you want to eat AT LEAST… Because it wouldn’t be a food challenge if you didn’t order half the menu, duh.

TRUST in Hillcrest was the perfect spot for our Friendsgiving Food Challenge, because not only was the food amazing and the restaurant beautiful, but the service was also stellar.  Our server was at one point doubtful of our ability to eat, saying, “I think you guys will be satisfied, you have a lot of food coming.”  To which we responded, “you clearly don’t know what we’re capable of”… And then ordered the Lobster Risotto (because we obviously needed one more thing to accompany our Ricotta Agnolotti, Mornay Fries, Uni Pasta, Oxtail Raviolini, Octopus Fritters, AND Seared Albacore).






When it was time for dessert, our server knew not to ask if we had room or not… The answer is always yes.  He brought us the menu, and naturally we ordered three, one of which was a carrot cake with goat cheese… If that doesn’t scream festive af, I don’t know what does.

And, the best thing about TRUST is the price is right!  You can eat like a baller in there and still leave with enough money in your pocket to go and buy that party dress that you really should give to your sister for Christmas but would also look so great on you for New Years, so you might just keep it for yourself and give her a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon… Or something.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    You don’t have a sister.


    1. Mom I’m not the only Babe.


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