Brunch Bender

Now that we’ve all survived the first of many holiday weekends to come, we can bring our attention back to the most important meal of the day – Brunch! While you were all napping on the couch, The Babes kept the food tour running. We decided to do the unthinkable this time. Brunch twice? No that would be too easy, so we brunched four times.



We started at the crack of dawn, in true Babes fashion. You all know that we love Refill and it’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before you start the mimosa marathon. We like it spicy so we grabbed the sriracha/avocado crepe, a couple of their amazing coffees and went on our way.


After our bellies were full of crepes and restaurants had finally begun serving alcohol we stepped into our next spot, Empire House Urban Palate. We started off with a bottle of champagne and followed it up with a few more.  When bottles of champagne are $10 on the weekend there’s really no reason to cut yourself off, but we had places to go, boys to flirt with and much more champagne to drink.


At this point we were just looking for the cheapest bottomless deals, which is a rarity in Hillcrest. We happened upon Babycakes, which is known for its cake, but we obviously found their drinks immediately. Try their signature Babycake cupcake, which is made with marble cake, chocolate chips and cream cheese. Cupcakes are the perfect snack during a long day of drinking!


By the time we made our way downtown we were hammered, and hungry! We needed food fast if we weren’t about to start crying on the sidewalk. We decided to give All American, the newest it girl on the restaurant scene, a try. If you haven’t been, grab your keys and get moving because this food is as tasty as it is pretty. Just look at that chorizo burger!

Well, by 4pm we were five pounds heavier and passed out in an Uber headed home. Until next time Babes. Just remember, you can juice in January!

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