November Brunch of the Month

November was weird, and not just because we elected a Cheeto as the next President of the United States. The weather got cloudier, traffic got longer and the impending doom of the winter months began to set in. Sure we live in California, but a Babe needs her comfort food. Although we didn’t have as much time for fun in the sun we definitely didn’t skimp on brunch. Check out this months best brunch spots in not so sunny San Diego.


Wow Wow Waffle
North Park

Wow is right. These Belgian waffles are just as authentic as they are tasty. Wow Wow Waffle makes all of their waffles with dough, not the nasty Bisquick mix your grandma used. Our personal favorites are the Cookie Butter and the Chocolate Lovers, because who said breakfast has to have an egg!


Cafe 21
Gaslamp & University Heights

If you feel like treating yourself look no further, and if you can’t afford it that guy who keeps texting you can. Cafe 21 conveniently has two locations so you can always get your fix, and happy hour is daily. Pictured above is an omelet, yes an omelet! Now that’s presentation.


Rustic Root

The Babes rarely venture downtown, but the Uber will be here in two minutes when we’re going to Rustic Root. A Lobster roll for breakfast? I guess that will do. Where Rustic Root really stands out are the mimosas, which are served on a tray with assorted berries, juices and purees to wipe out that hangover in style.


Hash House A Go Go

We saved the biggest for last. Those who aren’t ready to walk out with their pants unbuttoned, read no further, but those of you who can hang with The Babes – get those stretchy pants ready. You haven’t brunched till you survive this place.

Time to get eating Babes! The Holidays aren’t the same when you’re skinny.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Why or why aren’t are eating with you? Oh, because I am old and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. It would take me a decade to work off those calories…


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