What a Wonderland World

It may come as a surprise, but these Babes are working gals, so sometimes planning a Saturday brunch isn’t as easy as one would hope. Your kid has a soccer game? Yeah, sorry, I need bottomless mimosas and a gluttonous amount of breakfast food. Thanks to ourĀ  amazing co-workers we ended up at Wonderland this past Saturday with more booze and grub than we could handle… yeah right.


The Babes LOVE Wonderland, and not just for the amazing menu. The view is second to none, especially when the swell is coming in hotter than our waffles. If you have to wait for a seat you can sit right on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. The Babes always keep a bottle ready for long wait times. What? It’s the weekend!


We started off with the Hot Beer Cheese and Salty Pretzel Balls, which were so good I’ll spare you any salty balls jokes. And really, what could be more romantic than cheese balls by candle light?


And of course there was champagne, there’s always champagne. From 9am to 2pm bottles are only $10, and you know we stayed till the last drop. We always make sure to ask our servers for the prettiest dish, but after the fourth bottle of bubbly our photography skills took the backseat to eating, and most importantly, more drinking.


Above we had the Mac Daddy Ahi Poke, which is an absolute must, and below we had the Shrimp Burger. You’ll notice that we didn’t eat anything off of the brunch menu this time, but hey a Babes gotta do what a Babes gotta do.


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