So Freaking Quiche

Unfortunately, some restaurants only serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and while this may throw a wrench in our brunch game, The Babe’s don’t discriminate, brunch isn’t just for weekends!  So when we woke up on Friday, obviously craving a brunch (honestly, when aren’t we?), we figured eh, why not make our own, which brings us to, cue drum roll, this week’s homemade brunch!

Today we made a Caprese Quiche.  If this breakfast dish was a boy, it would be a boy that The Babes may actually consider settling down with…French Italian fusion, yeah, get at us.


A quiche technically has a crust, but I mean, to keep this perfect prefect private school girl physique for parties we decided to bake a quiche without one…just kidding, we honestly just didn’t have ingredients for a crust.  Instead though, we used sauteed onions and garlic, mixed with diced tomatoes and basil pressed into a crust like mixture at the bottom of our quiche.



Just because we didn’t make a crust on account of pretending to diet, doesn’t mean we would skimp out on the best part, CHEESE.  We added fresh mozzarella (lots of fresh mozarella) next, and then topped it all off with the eggs and sliced tomatoes.


After baking this bad boy for 50 minutes…which feels like 50 years when a hungry babe is waiting for her food, it’s finally ready to go!  The best thing about baking your own brunch?  It’s cheaper!  So now you have more money to spend on the eight vodka sodas you’re about to drink tonight and the boozy bottomless Saturday brunch that follows.  And with that, Happy Friday.


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  1. eelsel says:

    Nice job!
    Save that crust for someone else

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