Babes, Blunts, Ballots

Because we all know this presidential election is a complete clusterfuck, The Babes decided to focus on more pressing political issues. That pressing issue obviously being the legalization of recreational marijuana. Although The Babes all hail from legal states (Shout out Colorado and Alaska) a few of us now reside in California, and California is very behind on the times. Today California has the opportunity to step it up with the big boys and focus on incarcerating people for real reasons, like murder and when someone cuts you in line at 3am while you’re trying to order a burrito.

Prop 64 will obviously pass, and if not we’ll still be lighting one up to celebrate the end of this truly awful election season. So as the results start pouring in and you finish that blunt, here are the go to spots to chow down.

Sushi Diner

Linda Vista

What could be more fitting than a Bob Marley themed restaurant? All of the specialty rolls are under $10 and with hilarious names like ‘Smokin Jamaican’ and ‘4:20 Crunch’ you can’t go wrong. We recommend the Spicy JAWAIIAN, but be careful it’s HOT!

City Tacos
North Park

If this photo doesn’t scream “I can’t open my eyes” all of the taco sauce on our shirts did. All the tacos are fire, but we recommend the portobello, which can make even the most devout carnivore fall in love.

The Cravory
Point Loma

Unfortunately for The Cravory staff, we’ve never been there sober. You have to sample each cookie whenever you go, right? The Lemon Bar is a favorite, but The Cravory comes out with custom flavors each month to keep us guessing.

Grater Grilled
La Jolla

Everyone loves a grilled cheese, but grilled cheese with buttered lobster and snow crab?! I mean it is 2016, so what would a meal be without a ton of lobster. If you’re not into lobster, there’s more than enough ways to get your daily cheese fix.

Pho Sho
Point Loma

Honestly at this point in the post, we’ve already begun celebrating, so here’s some pho. All pho tastes exactly the same. It’s bomb, and so is the staff who have seen us at our worst and still bring the next pitcher.

Well, we should probably cast our ballots now, but maybe a cookie first.

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