BOOzy Brunching

Because what would Halloween weekend be without a massive brunch with everyone dressed in their costumes from the night before?

Make-up smeared, accessories missing, costumes ranging from Dwight to Charlie Brown to the Power Puff Girls to Aladdin to Harley Quinn, of course (what would Halloween 2016 be without at least one Harley Quinn at the table).

Our brunches have gotten pretty insane recently so we’ve been managing who’s coming based off Facebook events, but when you brunch this hard (and party this hard) everyone ends up bringing a plus one (or two) to brunch. So naturally our table booked for 20 was not going to be enough.  We packed our table full and still ended up needing an extra table to accommodate all the peeps that came to get their brunch on.

We chose Historians Ale House for our Halloween brunch due to the fact that, after brunch, South Broadway was holding an “Adult Trick-or-Treating” Bar Crawl where different bars gave out free drinks…ha, like we needed that.

Historians has an old-timey feel in the downstairs and a surprisingly awesome rooftop so it was the perfect spot for the occasion.

What did we like best about this brunch?  Historians is actually mainly a bar so when they pour mimosas it’s mostly champagne with a splash of juice. Now that’s what we’re talking about!

By the time food, was ordered this Babe was a few mimosas and a bloody deep so what’s the best way to order when you don’t feel like reading the menu? Just ask for the prettiest item; it’s pancakes (isn’t it always pancakes?).


The most ironic part of brunch?  Aladdin picked up the check. Boi we know you can’t afford that shit – you’re a street rat!


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  1. Sounds like a fun post Halloween brunch was a great way to top off a night of partying!

    Auntie Sher

    Liked by 1 person

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