Snacks in the City: The Babes do a day in LA

What do you do when your financially stable little sister has an interview with Ernst & Young in Los Angeles?  Obviously invite yourself along for moral support…and by moral support, I mean day drinking alone in the streets of downtown.


While my sister was enduring a five hour long interview process, I was basking in beer gardens, drinking Moscow Mules, eating poached eggs, and plotting out the next stop on my LA food extravaganza.

I decided to start the day with coffee before switching to cocktails, because what trip to LA is complete without a trip to Urth Caffe (The Babes obviously take restaurant recommendations and  lifestyle inspo from Entourage).




Across the street from Urth was a bar called Resident, which had a little trailer outside serving drinks, as well as another trailer, KTCHN, serving food.  A great spot to stumble upon in search of a little boozy beverage, because a beer garden was the perfect place to pass an hour before walking to find another snack spot.



The lunch duration of my food tour was spent at Spread Kitchen, a Mediterranean spot with a killer harissa margarita.  I obviously ordered a falafel bowl and a spread sampler, telling myself that two things were totally necessary so I could share with my sister when she finally came to meet me.

Naturally, when she did finally make it, there was a generous two bites left of the tzatziki spread and a little corner of pita…so we ordered two more plates.




We were walking back to the car, just about ready to conclude the tour and head back to San Diego, when we passed Bottega Louie… and it’s physically impossible for me to pass by a window with a macaroon tree display and not stop for ‘a little snack.’ So we took a seat, ate some opera cake, and ordered some macaroons for the road.

After finishing our cake, our coffee, and our box of macaroons (because does saving a little snack for later actually ever happen when one of The Babes are around), I was finally satisfied that I had sufficiently eaten my way through downtown LA, at least for one visit.




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  1. Looking yummy! THanks for sharing these great tips!

    Auntie Shair


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