The Most Important Meal Of The Day: Hanna’s Gourmet

The Babes have been to a lot of brunches, so when we use the F word you better listen. We have a lot of favorites. Favorite fish taco, favorite pina colada, favorite cute bro-ista, but a favorite brunch?! Well, we may have that now too.


This Saturday, we stopped by a little spot in North Park called Hanna’s Gourmet: a restaurant specializing in world cuisine.  The brunch menu alone includes French, Spanish, and Moroccan egg dishes!  Which means, this is the perfect spot to go when all your friends are being difficult the morning after a long night.

As if the variety of food offered on this menu wasn’t enticing enough, how could we not fall in love with a place that has 6 different mimosa options A DAY!


We typically have a specific way of ordering: two savory, one sweet.  It was difficult to narrow it down, but we settled on the omelet a la vegetarian and, an all time Babe’s favorite, the green chilaquiles (honestly, it is a rarity that we won’t order chilaquiles if that beautiful bitch is on the menu).  For our sweet dish, we went with the special that morning: raspberry ricotta pancakes with a lemon curd cream.

We were not disappointed.  This was the best chilaquiles The Babe’s have had to date, and we know it’s not just us, considering our waiter got in a fight with his own mother after telling her he liked Hanna’s more than hers.


The service at Hanna’s Gourmet was stellar and the food was amazing…and want to know a little added bonus!?  This place opens at 8 am!  So rise and shine, because didn’t your mother ever tell you, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the early, early morning.


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