Four Babes, One Boy: Miss B’s Coconut Club Brunch

Since The Babes are located in two cities, it is rare for us to all get together for brunch, so when we do, you better believe we make it a brunch to remember.  A lot of thought went into where to eat and which menu to pick.  We had all wanted to try Miss B’s Coconut Club in Mission Beach for a while…Cuban inspired brunch, and cocktails that come in metal pineapple and flamingo mugs!?  Yeah, we’re freaking down.


A couple of the ‘Coconut Club Cocktails’ into this brunch we decided to add one more element of surprise to our mid morning.  A little bit of back story: The Babes had a very brief, but very intense, love affair with Tinder for a hot second there…so we decided to invite a couple matches to brunch, you know, ask them some questions, deem them worthy of the swipe right.  Only one boy was willing to show, while The Babe’s weren’t even able to wait for his arrival to order.


We ordered an appetizer of the plantain chips to start, and told our waitress we were waiting on one more…

When she came back over to check on us, we told her we were actually ready to order (we honestly couldn’t wait another minute, The Babes naturally had been drooling over the menu since reading it twenty times on the car ride over alone) and that we were actually waiting on a tinder boy to arrive.


The only thing better than the food at Miss B’s was the service!  Our waitress was an angel and was so down for our little social brunch experiment.  She was right there with us, just as eagerly anticipating this boy’s arrival as we were.

Our boy showed up about halfway through our brunch.  He’s an EMT who likes listening to oldies, and ladies, as far as we know he’s still single, so holler. While he was great, The Babes were a little distracted.  We could’ve been sitting at a table with some sort of Leonardo Dicaprio-Channing Tatum hybrid of a man and not have noticed when the brunch is this good.


We ordered the Veggie Hash and the Cubano Benedict and would highly recommend both for first time Miss B’s Brunchers.  Both dishes come with a Jerk Hollandaise sauce, which taste just as good as vacationing in Cuba would.  It’s like our taste buds were transported over to a hot, Havana dream scene…or something like that.


Miss B’s in Mission was a perfect Sunday Brunch for The Babes because it kept our weekend fun rolling all the way up to when we had to send our Denver Babe on her way.  The outdoor area is cute, the food is awesome, and all of the staff can hang for sure!  The Babe’s will definitely be back.  We have a feeling the tinder boy will be making his way back to try that Cubano Benedict, too.  😉

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