One Night in TJ: The Babes go to Mexico

While some girls might consider it a little questionable, maybe even scary, to cross the border to meet, for lack of a better term, a Tinder boy, The Babes were willing to risk it because this Tinder boy happened to own a very successful tostada restaurant.  Honestly, if we can give you one piece of advice in this life, meet all the Tinder boys, because ours happened to own many a restaurant and showed us the best time in Tijuana we could’ve asked for.

We crossed the border, forgetting our cell phones wouldn’t work in Mexico, and after borrowing a locals phone for help, we were in our new man’s car headed to our first meal…the meal that would begin our 36 hour food tour.

We started at his restaurant, known for its Red Snapper tostada.  We paired that with an Ahi Tuna tostada and a glass of mezcal.  The only thing comparable to how good the food is in Tijuana is how friggin amazing every single cocktail is!  We unfortunately found ourselves obnoxiously yelling, “this is the best drink of my life!” after every one…



After the tostadas, we stopped at a little bar for another drink and some roasted peanuts.  Maybe it’s something in the water, but even the peanuts are better down there than in America. Oh yeah, we drank the water too, we were fine.


Then it was time for dinner.  Please, let us tell you, it is RARE that The Babes leave food behind…we might as well have invented the “Clean Plate Club.”  We had so many tastes of so many amazing plates that we could not eat another bite, really, we tried, hard.  We started with Yellow Tail sashimi, followed by grilled beets, full octopus (there’s tons of octopus), and the best fucking vanilla bean ice cream we’ve had in our lives with fried coconut chips on top in a frosted metal mug so it wouldn’t melt…genius.



We weren’t willing to leave without trying the brunch south of the border (duh), so we stayed the night in TJ.  The hotels: also amazing; we stayed at the Grand Hotel.  Started the morning off by rolling over onto our mostly empty tequila bottle…and, I mean, we’re on vacation, so we killed that, brushed our teeth, and proceeded to our final stop.  Alma Verde, an absolute must try.  The food is unforgettable and the prices are unbeatable.


Moral of the Story: GO TO TIJUANA! It’s better on the other side of the border.

Here are the spots we hit up, and you should too!

La Corrienta, Bodega 8, Dandy Del Sur Cantina, Alma Verde

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