Obligatory Pumpkin Spice Post

It just wouldn’t be fall if we didn’t pumpkin spice something, but the Babes aren’t basic…so instead of a latte, we made pumpkin spice pancakes topped with bananas foster for this week’s homemade brunch.

One can of pumpkin goes a long way and, being The Babes, we obviously wanted to make offensively too much food, so, not only did we make some pumpkin muffins with the rest of the can, but we also decided to pair them with some matcha muffins.  What does matcha have to do with fall? Literally nothing, but honestly when isn’t matcha relevant these days.

Which recipe did we follow? We didn’t…but there is definitely a secret ingredient, BUTTER. Cue Mean Girls reference: is your muffin buttered? Abso-fucking-lutley.

Here’s what else we used:

One can of pumpkin, oats, a splash of vanilla, coconut oil, eggs, a generous amount of cinnamon, almond milk, honey, bananas, brown sugar, and, again, butter

For the matcha muffins, substitute matcha powder for pumpkin


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