Kasey’s palette took a little longer than others to develop.  Her favorite foods ranged from canned tuna fish to steamed broccoli through elementary school.  Yeah, weird.  What’s weirder?  Once this Babe actually decided to start eating real, appetizing food in the sixth grade, she only wanted sushi, lox bagels, red snapper, calamari, and escargot.  She grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado, so unfortunately  an ocean wasn’t exactly near by.  Oh, no poke bowl today? That’s fine, she’ll settle for creme brûlée…or a slice of chocolate cake.  Freshman year of high school, Kasey went on a month long, after school cake diet.  We recommend you try it, best  month of her life.

Finally, at age 22, she decided to give vegetables another go, specifically eggplant parmesan, and BAM, she decided to become a vegetarian (honestly, who really loves chicken parm anyways).  She went from not eating anything green to snacking on bags of spinach like they were friggin’ Lays potato chips.  This queen of “lil treats” is always down for a late night snack …and did we mention, she’s your go to frozen yogurt connoisseur.

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