Dustee began her lengthy love affair with food at the ripe age of three.  She used to risk her life climbing on top of the counter to reach her favorite snack of them all…sticks of butter.  Oh, you’re training for Everest, that’s nothing.  Try a 5-foot tall granite island with no grip at all, then you tell me something about endurance.  Anyways, after learning that butter wasn’t necessarily a meal on it’s own, she found something to pair it with…yeah, that’s right, this Babe acquired a love for lobster and filet mignon with a side of browned butter at around six.  Kid’s menu? Fuck that.  She’ll take a rib eye.  Mac and cheese?  Only if there are some truffles back in that kitchen.

A self proclaimed food critic by her early teens, this girl can tell you where to grab an amazing bite to eat.  Not only that, but she can probably complete any food challenge in the northern hemisphere.  Oh yeah, and this Babe likes it HOT!  No bottle of sriracha is safe when Dustee is around.  From fine dining, to street tacos, to bougie ass cupcakes, this girl knows her food.


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