Anyone that knows Ariel knows that she is not a morning person. On her final day of freshman year at CU Boulder she was moving out of the dorms and her father needed to pick up the remainder of her belongings early that morning. Her Dad knew her best, knew that she was not going to get up, so what did he do? Dad called her bright and early and asked, “Hey want to get breakfast? I’ll be over in 5.” She was up.

This Babe’s favorite pastime is downing nachos at bro bars and she explicitly wants sushi and queso served at her funeral in honor of her memory. Her pro tip for surviving bottomless brunch: If you are hungover and can’t eat as much as usual, split your meal with a friend because let’s be honest you are not going to have room for unlimited mimosas and an entire brunch on top of a hangover and you are just going to end up at a pizza place in about an hour anyway.

Oh and she LOVES chicken and waffles and is NOT a fan of tofu.

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